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The YAG is Yorkshire Netball’s Youth Advisory Group being created to give young people in netball a voice.


Are you aged between 17 and 24?


Do you love netball?


For more info and to download an application visit:


Yorkshire Regional Youth Advisory Group (YAG)

Terms of Reference 

The Youth Advisory Group (YAG) aim is to give a voice to the youth of netball. Its purpose is to advocate the experiences, opinions and ideas of young people within the Yorkshire Region in order to develop the impact that has on the region’s implementation of England Netball products and programmes and the Regional Plan.


The groups mission statement:

  • Create Opportunities

  • Develop Awareness

  • Inspire Young People




To discuss, debate and activate the voice of young people ensuring it is taken into consideration throughout the Regional Management Board (RMB) to ensure that regional activity inspires and engages young people.

The YAG are an advisory panel who can discuss and make recommendations to Regional Working Groups and the RMB. The Youth Advisory Group is authorised by the RMB to conduct its objectives in accordance with the Terms of Reference set out below.  These Terms of Reference may be reviewed annually by the RMB and the Governance and Finance Working Group and where appropriate, revised to accord with the changing requirements of the Region.


Primary Objective of the Youth Advisory Group

To be the vehicle to obtain youth opinion across Yorkshire and to instil this within the frameworks, programmes, products and services that the Region and Counties deliver to young people.  


Secondary Objectives of the Youth Advisory Group 

  • To design ways to embed programmes for young people within the Region (I.e. Create new ideas from areas of weakness and propose possible solutions).

  • To establish a clear pathway for communication with both young people and the Region

  • To ensure young people’s views are valued

  • To be the advocates for young people on all netball issues effecting them

  • To provide an opportunity to share best practice

  • To be a role model and advocate for young people



The group will consist of a maximum of 13 young people aged approx. 17– 24 years. The group will have a lead officer, appointed by the RMB, who will report back to the RMB whilst supporting the Chair of the group. The Chair and Vice-Chair will be voted in by the group.  

The Chair, Vice-Chair and Lead Officer will form the YAP executive group who will come together to plan the strategic direction of the group 

The group will operate on a rotational basis to ensure a level of continuity; elected members can serve for a maximum of 2 years and then either retire or they may seek re-appointment for a further 2 years, at the discretion of the Lead Officer and subject to the approval of the RMB

Members will leave on or near their 24th birthday.

Participating or volunteering within programmes and initiatives by any member of the group is not a requirement of the role – it is at the discretion of the individual, however it is hoped that they will wish to be actively involved for both their own personal development as well as for the benefit of the Region. 

Relationship with the RMB

Engagement with the RMB

  • Agendas should be informed by the RMB, Lead Officer and other working groups where appropriate. 

  • Meeting dates should be set 2/3 weeks before RMB meetings, to ensure minutes/report are available for the meeting.

  • A report will be written and communicated to the RMB on a quarterly basis with achievements and SWOT (Strengths , Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

  • YAP members may choose to present directly to the RMB/AGM annually.

  • The Lead Officer will ideally sit on the RMB

  • The YAP group will present region proposals to the RMB as appropriate.



Structure and Operation  

  • Group members will be expected to attend approximately 4 meetings a year - 2 consecutive absences from meetings may result in expulsion from the group. Repeated absence to meetings without good cause may also result in expulsion. Notification of absences is required with good notice

  • Group members are required to have regular electronic engagement with lead

  • Group members will act with integrity and objectivity building a positive, open and honest relationship with all members

  • Group will aim to support all sectors of the sport, professional and voluntary to ensure the objectives are met

  • The group will provide advice, guidance and support region in respect of all issues related to youth engagement within Netball

  • The group will uphold and actively promote the core values of both England Netball and Yorkshire Netball

  • The group will adhere to all Yorkshire Netball Regional polices and documentation

  • The group will adhere to the England Netball Conflict of Interest Policy

  • The group will adhere to the England Netball Code of Conduct.



This will be in line with Regional expenses procedures.  


  • As an exit route, when members are too old to be a member of YAP, the succession planning should enable and mentor the young person into a role within a certain working group

  • In future, regional YAP leads and chairs, could meet to discuss regional issues.

·       The lead will ideally be a currently appointed member of the RMB, however, succession planning will in future mentor a young person to move from YAG into a lead position and RMB/TSG position where possible.





Address (including postcode):

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Age on 1st Sept  2015:

Your current role(s) in netball (please circle all that apply):










Please outline what experience and expertise you would bring to the Youth Advisory Group (including relevant qualifications):


Why would you like to become a member of the Youth Advisory Group and why should you be selected?


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Return your application by the 17th April 2015 to: Debbie Chandley, Regional Coordinator,

Yorkshire Netball, English Institute of Sport – Sheffield (EISS), Coleridge Road, S9 5DA

or email it to